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Performing at the White House

I am a member of the One Voice Children's Choir in Salt Lake City. I have had a lot of amazing performing opportunities as a member of this choir. One of the greatest opportunities I had was to perform at the White House for President and First Lady Obama. The choir was invited to perform for one of the holiday parties at the White House hosted by the President. We performed for guests in the lobby as they arrived for the party.

Me singing "Where Are You Christmas."

During one of our breaks, the First Lady's secretary came to our green room and told us that we would have the opportunity to sing for President and First Lady Obama. I could not believe it! We got to choose one song to sing. The song we sang was our arrangement of "Winter Wonderland," and my friend Reese Oliviera and I got to sing the solos! Before we sang for the President, we were taken to The China Room to wait. When I heard we were going to "The China Room," I thought it would be a room that was decorated with Chinese furniture. But I soon found out that this is a room where all of the china chosen and used by the past Presidents was stored and displayed. I got to see the china used by Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy. Totally cool. Then we were led to another room where we were going to sing. We got lined up, and after a few minutes President and First Lady Obama walked in and he is tall. Taller than I thought he was. President Obama said, "Hey guys! I hear we're going to get to hear you guys sing for us today." Then we sang our song for him. It was totally awesome. After we finished, both President and First Lady Obama came to each and every one of us individually, shook our hands, and asked us a question about ourselves. This is an experience I will never forget.

President Obama shaking my hand!

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